Why you should Learn to Swim

You will have to wear outfits that some people may consider skimpy just so that you could swim. What makes this activity worth the hassle? Why should you bother getting into the pool when you hate water? What is the use of taking the swimming lessons Singapore complexes offer?

Most people agree that swimming is beneficial to your health. You would do well to consider these benefits before you make a decision about the activity.

Swimming is a lifesaver

What will happen to you if someone pushes you into a larger body of water? Will you float or sink? Chances are, that you will sink like a rock if you have no idea of what to do. Your inability to swim is going to end up killing you when you drown.

You also have the chance to save the life of someone who cannot swim if you have the skills to do so yourself. The person whose life you save may even be one of your loved ones!

Swimming is therefore, a survival skill that you need to learn. The skill may one day mean the difference between life and death for you or someone who is drowning. That should be reason enough for you to learn how to navigate through the water.

Swimming will make you fit

Professional swimmers are some of the most toned athletes around. There is a good reason for that. Swimming is an activity that makes you fit.

When you make a habit of swimming regularly, you will burn plenty of calories. If you remain consistent in this regard, you will soon notice a change in your body. You will start to lose the excess fat that your body is carrying, which in turn leads to weight loss.

Because swimming is aerobic in nature, the activity forces your heart to keep on pumping higher levels of blood. Your blood flow and oxygen consumption will improve as a result. Your heart and lungs will become stronger and healthier. Swimming therefore enhances your cardiovascular fitness, which in turn keeps heart problems and strokes at bay. The aerobic nature of the activity also leads to lower levels of cholesterol and diabetes. You will have a better chance of living well into your old age, without complications.

When you keep swimming, your muscles will develop and become stronger and more toned. Water is a dense medium. When you continuously propel yourself through the water, your muscles will start to develop. Swimming is like resistance training in that regard. Your body will also be involved in all aspects. After all, you must use all your available limbs to stay afloat and navigate through the water. Because of this, you will end up with a body that is muscular but leaner in all parts, instead of some parts. Your endurance levels will also increase.

Swimming has also been known to improve the health of people with asthma. This can be attributed to the increased lung capacity.

Because swimming forces you to keep on moving in all directions on water, it also enhances your flexibility. The activity forces your body to stretch in multiple ways, which is why you will become more flexible.

The ability of swimming to enhance your overall aesthetic appeal by keeping your weight in check and your body toned, should not be underestimated.

Swimming is therapeutic

When you swim, you are no longer bearing your weight as you would on land. Instead, the water bears some of that weight. Submersion to the waist usually takes off about 50% of your weight. Submersion to the neck on the other hand, takes about 90% of your weight off. The science behind this is what makes swimming a low-impact exercise. Your body is not exposed to harsh shocks that stress your system. You are therefore, unlikely to get strains.

The low-impact nature of swimming is what makes the activity so therapeutic. The buoyancy you will experience will make it much easier for you to work your stiff joints and muscles. You should swim if you have diseases that cause inflammations like arthritis. In addition, if you are carrying excess weight that is putting pressure on your joints, swimming is a good way to lose weight with minimal pain.

Swimming is also a great way for you to undergo rehabilitation after being seriously injured. The water therapy works because your sensitive muscles and joints will be able to work, without experiencing the hard impact that solid surfaces cause. You will be in a better position to recover faster and less painfully.

Swimming relieves stress

Swimming is a stress relieving activity. The activity usually entails relaxed motions and breathing which in turn induce a feeling of calmness. When you swim, your body produces endorphins, which are happy hormones. These hormones give you a natural high that reduces tension in your whole body. In this way, swimming is similar to yoga because it helps to cut down stress.

The reduction of stress also causes some brain changes in a process known as hippocampal neurogenesis. This process causes the brain to build new cells while replacing the dead stressed ones. Because of this, your brain will experience improved health. Swimming therefore, enables you to keep your brain in peak condition even well into your old age.

Swimming is recreational

If you are bored, then you need to find something to do. Swimming could be what you need especially during the hot seasons. When the weather is hot, you can cool off simply by swimming. This enables you to enjoy yourself while keeping cool.

Swimming is also a family activity. Both adults and children can swim for fun. Because of the low-impact nature of the activity, even the elderly can join in the fun. Before you know it, the day would be over and all of you can go home happy.

Bottom Line

Swimming is an activity whose benefits should never be underestimated. You can enjoy these benefits well into your old age. All you have to do is to take advantage of the swimming lessons Singapore trainers offer. After that, you can enjoy yourself.