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Swimming Lessons SG is a leading learn to swim company providing professional swimming lessons in Singapore. We have well trained and qualified instructors and coaches who are certified by Sports Singapore (formally Singapore Sports Council), Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA) and National Registry of Coaches (NROC). Our professional instructors are fully trained and up to date in CPR and Life Saving skills thereby ensuring the learning experience of swimming is both fun and safe.

Swimming Lessons SG provides swimming lessons for all age groups (babies, todlers, kids, teens, adults, and old) Lessons are extended to organizations as well. Our instructors undergo regular training thereby ensuring a depth of qualification and experience second to none. Also, we have professional, competitive and highly qualified swim team coaches working with our instructors thus ensuring delivery of best quality service possible at each and every stage of development.

What You Will Meet At Swimming Lessons Singapore Learn To Swim Center

At the Swimming Lessons Singapore, you will get teaching lessons for all ages, you can enroll your kid in a teaching class and go ahead to get into one for adults. Our lessons are well programmed from beginner to advanced stage. Our qualified and certified instructors will take you through these stages gradually to ensure you are well trained. We have instructors that are specialized in teaching different age groups. The care needed in teaching young kids how to swim is different from adults. You can be rest assured that both you and your kid are in safe hands when you enroll for swimming lessons at Swimming Lessons Singapore.

Swimming Lessons Singapore provides high quality training. Whether you are new and have never tried swimming or you are at some stage and you would like to horn your swimming skills, Swimming Lessons Singapore is the right place for you. You can always get to learn how to strengthen your muscles so as to swim faster. Also, for people preparing for swimming competitions, our professional trainers will help you prepare and learn the basics that can enable you win. If you are taking up swimming to lose weight, our instructors who will guide you through a routine that is fit for your body. Do not just swim, there are routines that will work for your body faster than others.

Swimming is a sport that has many benefits. Its health benefits cannot be challenged as health practitioners recommend it for people suffering from various diseases. It also helps you in keeping fit, relaxing your body and mind. Perhaps the most important reason why you should enroll in a swimming class than in any other exercise routine is that swimming combines various aerobic exercises. There is no better way to have fun while keeping fit other than swimming. When you take up swimming lessons you will not have to enroll in any other workout routine. Register for our swimming lessons now!

Why You Should Enroll in a Swimming Class in Singapore; Benefits of Swimming

Many people around the world are taking swimming lessons after learning of the many benefits of swimming.

Swimming is not only a sport but has many health benefits contributing to physical and mental well being. Most people in Singapore do not consider swimming as an exercise routine because they do not know the tactics and levels of energy required to propel the body forward.

Many Singaporeans also believe that knowing how to swim perfectly is only possible after a lot of training and patience. While it is true that it can be challenging and difficult to learn how to swim perfectly, choosing the right training company or school makes a big difference.

Swimming has medicinal value. Health experts have recommended people suffering from various diseases to take up swimming lessons. When one is suffering from sore joints and stiff muscles, the swimming pool is the ideal place to work out. The water offers you a chance to stretch your muscles without interfering with the skeletal system. For people suffering from arthritis, swimming helps in strengthening and stretching of the muscles. It is ideal because it is the only exercise that incorporates a number of aerobic work outs.

Swimming improves your flexibility. Swimming requires you to propel your body forward; every part of your body is engaged to achieve this. You will have to stretch your body from head to toe to ease your movement in the water. You will use your hands and legs to push you forward and this improves your flexibility. Other exercises tend to focus on only one part of the body.

Swimming helps in toning of muscles such as triceps, pectorals and quad. Swimming is especially important for developing kids because it helps in toning the heart muscle. Swimming strengthens the heart making it efficient in pumping blood. Medical experts say that swimming helps in reducing the chances of contracting a coronary heart disease.

Swimming also helps in the releasing of feel good hormones known as endorphins making it a good remedy for both physical and mental stress. When you swim, your whole body is stretched leaving you feeling relaxed. The brain is not left out because when you swim it is able to replace cells that were lost due to stress.

Lastly, swimming helps to build your strength and keeps you looking young for long. There is no other aerobic exercise that will give you a complete body work out. There is the youthful sensation that you will get after swimming plus it trims your body at all the right places. When you take up swimming as a regular exercise, your body will always look firm and young.

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