Swimming Lessons Agency

About Us

We are a company that provide swimming lessons in Singapore. We only employed trained and qualified swim coaches who are certified.

We offer swim classes for infants, toddlers, kids, adults, swim teams, and children with special needs. The beginner groups learners never exceed 6 per swim class. This intimate background offers a great atmosphere for children learning to swim.

Training children to swim has been our foundation ever since we began. We still take special care to guarantee that our swim schools are a welcoming, relaxed and inviting place for people of all ages.

We teach our swimming lessons based on a small group basis. It is because result has shown us that learning to swim in a large group is not the best technique. We always take this into consideration as we assist you overcome your fear of the water, staying with you all the way, as your self-assurance builds.

We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle for families through our school holiday swimming events that boosts family bonding and tension free holiday for your children. Research has shown that swimming improves the overall health of a child. It offers a wide range of health benefits including strengthening the heart and lungs, toning the muscles and strengthening the bones, and raising the body's metabolism.

By letting your kid or kids take up swim lessons with us, you would also be able to have some time to bond with them. This is because our swimming school let parents to be with their kids as they are taught how to swim, especially if their kids are very young. Learning to swim can prove an important life skill that all young children should learn. With our resources and well trained instructors we can make this possible.

Our Swimming Program Guarantees The Following :

Water safety: First and foremost, our swim lessons offer an invaluable way to teach your children how to be safe in water. Our organized swimming classes can help your little one gain the necessary skills to navigate through any water situation that presents itself.

Health and fitness: It's no secret that staying active and exercising plays a key role in achieving long-term health. Every swimming class is structured to help your little one work virtually all the muscle groups, without any stressful effect on their body.

Improved confidence levels: Learning an invaluable life skill not only helps increase your child's safety, it also helps build your child's confidence and self-esteem. As your little ones succeed in each step of this process, they will gain a major boost in their confidence.

Social skills: Our swim lessons are held in a group environment offer extensive social benefits to children. These lessons will combine children of similar ages and skill levels, giving your little ones an opportunity to meet and mingle with peers outside their usual circle of friends.

Competitive experience: As your little ones become more skilful swimming, they may start to develop a competitive spirit in the pool. We occasionally organize events so that they can compete with their peers.

We look forward to customize an ENJOYABLE and EFFECTIVE swimming lesson for you! Check out the swimming lessons cost here.